Web Services Offered

CMS (Content Management Systems):
No matter the administrative task your Web site requires, we will build a custom CMS to meet your specific needs. We have experience building custom ASP.NET CMS solutions for various clients including several projects for Brookshire Brothers, Ltd. We are also knowledgeable Joomla! CMS, Dot Net Nuke CMS, Umbraco CMS, and Ektron CMS developers if an out-of-the-box solution best fits your needs.

Database Management
Our certified database developers will integrate MSSQL or MySQL into your database-driven Web site based upon your organization's needs. We will migrate your old Access tables into your new MSSQL or MySQL database bringing your Web site up to the latest security and Web standards. Our expert database developers will provide a secure, worry-free way to post, store, and retrieve any data related to your Web project.

Open Source?
An open-source Web solution is one in which all source code is provided to the end-user. Because we build all of our applications and develop all of our content in-house, we can provide 100% open source Web solutions to our clients. Why is this important? For clients whom want the ability to self-manage their Web sites, blogs, or even make basic modifications, these clients have this ability as our code is non-proprietary. Many of our competitor's provide proprietary solutions that can only be maintained by them. While we provide maintenance for most of our client's Web services, it is calming to know that your organization's Web site can be quickly modified internally if need be.

Mobile Web Site

Mobile Content
Take your business mobile! Reach your market with the latest marketing technology, cell phones. We employ an in-house iPhone developer and mobile markup specialist with whom will help you reach your customers in exciting new ways. Imagine a customer downloading your iPhone application, and in seconds having immediate access to your message anywhere with a cell signal. According to a recent survey, 82% of Americans own cellular phones. This is an exciting new market to target text messaging, twitter and smartphone marketing campaigns. At TriStar, we have the tools to make this a reality for your organization and even manage it for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We will not only make your Web site the top ranking in Google®, Yahoo, MSN®, Live®, AOL®, and others, we will make your site the top several rankings. Within a month, your site ranking will be moved from low to medium, and within a year your site will be given a high ranking. Using the latest tricks-of-the trade we will tweak all of your pages to receive maximum search-ability by all search-bots. We will design your site to be searched and found by specific keywords which describe your business best maximizing traffic to your Web site.

Internet and E-Mail Marketing
Diversified marketing techniques is the best way to achieve the maximum amount of exposure at the most cost-effective price. We will develop an Internet marketing campaign based upon your organization's needs and targeted demographic. The beauty of Internet marketing is the fact that you target a very specific market of folks based upon sites they visit, the zip code they live in, the Google® search they perform, etc. . .

We will manage your Internet marketing campaigns starting with banner design and finishing with new clients for your business. This is an affordable, stress-free solution to grow your business without hiring any new employees while adding very little to no work for yourself.

Let us manage your E-Mail campaigns for you. We will manage your registered user lists, building the content of your mailer, and consistently sending the mailer on a predetermined schedule. E-Mail marketing is the fastest way to send your message to a large audience.

Weekly Ad or Online Catalog
Allow your customers to flip through your weekly advertisement with our interactive online Ad engine. Make it interactive with a flip book, printable shopping lists, and zoom features.

Shopping Cart

E-Commerce / Shopping Cart
So many of us make purchases online every month, it makes sense to move some of your sales online. We will build a shopping cart to meet your business needs. No project is too big, no project is too small. If you want a simple invoicing system, we can build it. If you want an advanced shopping cart selling thousands of products in hundreds of categories, we can build it. If you are a not-for-profit organization accepting donations, we can build it. TriStar Web solutions is your one-stop shop for all of your Web services.

Interactive Content, Video and Multimedia
What if when folks visited your Web site, the CEO walked onto the Web page and started interacting with your site links and features? Not only is this possible, we have done it before! Make your Web site experience more "Human" by adding interactive video to your Web site. We will integrate video in your Web site from something as-simple-as embedding a YouTube!® video to an interactive CNN®-type video player. Create your own online Webisode programs, entertain folks while you market your product. We can turn any Web page, video or image into a dynamic interactive product by adding ActionScript and Flash content. The more interactive your site is, the more memorable it will be to the visitor, the longer the visitor will stay on your site, and the more-likely they will return to the site.

Social Networking
Have you ever thought you might want something like Facebook® integrated directly into your Web site? You're not alone. The best way to build brand loyalty and ensure repeat lengthy visits to your site is with social networking. We will design and integrate a social networking community custom to your specific needs. Users will have unique login credentials, avatars, the ability to connect, and even instant message each other.

We can also build custom API's to integrate popular services like Twitter® or Facebook® directly into your Web site. This will make your site search-able within these popular services and increase your Search Engine rankings.

Blogging and Forums
The quickest way to increase the number of search results pointing to your business is to integrate a blog or a forum into your Web site. Updating a blog or forum regularly will train search engines like Google® to crawl your site regularly and increase the number of search results. It is also a great way to communicate company news, FAQ pages, troubleshooting pages or a question and answer page.

Event Registration and Management
Have a charitable organization or division? Sponsor charitable events that require registration? We will build a database-driven Web site for you to manage any event from golf tournaments to political rallies to charitable dinners. This application can be a stand-alone Web site or seamlessly integrate into your main Web site. We will set it up to securely process donations via your pre-existing payment processor or set up a new one for you. This application comes complete with a back-end management system in the markup language of your choosing.

Secure Lock

SSL and Security
We maintain a relationship with Verasign® and Thawte® providing the world's most secure SSL certificates to our clients. The security and privacy of our client's site visitors is always a top priority while developing a Web site. Adding an SSL Certificate guarantees the data security being transmitted by your site's visitors.

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