Online Ad Application

It is becoming more apparent, the online medium is becoming a powerful marketing tool in any business' arsenal. An online advertisement suppliment not only compliments your printed weekly Ad, it takes your weekly Ad a whole new level.

When your business takes your advertisement circular online, it not only increases your organization's marketing presence, it also provides an economical way to expand your advertised promotions. The cost of posting advertisement pages digitally compared to printing is pennies on the dollar.

A digital online advertisement suppliment allows your business to target specific customers and demographics. Imagine the power of a database which tells you how often a customer shops in your store, what they purchase, when they purchase it, and cross-references this with current promotions. It only takes a matter of months to begin customer-specific marketing techniques.

This concept is not science fiction, contact our Web development team to learn how to pinpoint-market with our Online Ad Application, Tristar Ad Builder™

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