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Our presses and our services are constantly kept at the proven edge of technology. But it is our staff, with their years of acquired knowledge, who truly set us apart. We are speaking-literally-of individuals with decades of experience. We are talking about service to our clients that goes beyond adequate to exceptional.

On time. Accurate. Impactful in each of their fiercely competitive markets. The typical Tristar client must compete for consumer awareness and dollars week in, week out. (Major grocery chains are a prime example.) Our value to such clients is the ability to produce, print, and deliver their promotional materials against these zero-tolerance deadlines. No job too big, no job too small.

From account service through final distribution, Tristar people are specialists in printing not simply what is timely but uniquely targeted.

You name it, we’ve “been there, done that”. We have a state of the art electronic prepress, ready to handle just about any digital format you can throw at us – PDF’s, Quark, Pagemaker, InDesign, whatever. But if you work in a conventional manner, we can shoot art boards and manually strip as well – it’s really up to you. We build your Ad for you!

With our advanced computer-to-plate system, you may submit your electronic files to us, and this new system will output processed, bent and stacked plates without being touched! This system outputs a much higher quality plate than its predecessors.

Let us build your Ad. Our advanced team of designers are skilled page builders utilizing the latest technology. Our page builders design your advertisements in-house under the same roof as our Photography, Web, and Prepress departments. The advantage of all departments working under one roof, consistency amongst all avenues of your marketing solutions.

We hope you’ll take a minute to download our prepress guidelines. In it, you will find some useful suggestions on how to prepare your files and submit them to us to insure perfect results. Of course, our prepress professionals are available at any time, day or night, to assist our customers and answer questions.

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