Digital Photography Studio

Never has it been more challenging to “break through the clutter” to catch the audiences attention. Tristar can help you by providing spectacular photographs from our on-staff professional photographer and our digital retouching artist. From simple product shots to elaborate styled shots, we’re ready to help you achieve the look and style you’re after.

Digital  Photo Studio

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! Browse through the gallery and see for yourself the quality of our photography. Use our Existing Photographs! If it’s food and grocery items you’re looking for, our digital library contains over 15,000 images, saving you time and money. Every image is cross-referenced for brand, description, category, and UPC, and we can quickly locate any file in seconds. Be sure to talk to your Tristar sales professional about custom solutions, such as mirrored servers, low-res sample files coupled with OPI switch-outs, customer specific libraries, and shared savings for shared images.

Color Corrected for Excellent Printing! We’ve all had it happen to us – an attractive image on screen that just doesn’t have the same visual impact on the printed piece. Our images are all retouched, color corrected, and converted to CMYK to print on a web press and give you the best reproduction possible.

Retouching! The difference between a good image and a great image is often retouching. In the past, photo retouching was usually a very expensive service. Combining digital capture with advanced image manipulation software gives Tristar's clients much greater economy and flexibility with their image assets.

The retouching possibilities are quite powerful, such as when a client calls and says "We've just changed wine vendors. We need you to recreate the shot of Forest Ville Wines using Mapocho -by tomorrow!" Tristar can make it happen. Besides the occasional emergency, Tristar's standard procedure is to evaluate all images destined for print reproduction and make any adjustments necessary to insure the best results on the final printed piece.

The image for our February calendar demonstrates our ability to take a good image and make it a great image. The heart shaped pie, baked from scratch in our studio, is a good example of how subtle adjustments to the color and texture can make a dramatic improvement.

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